Dedicated To Business Consulting Excellence

Flint Strategic Partners was created from the lifelong dream of founder Bill Flint to start his own business.  This dream along with Bill’s skills and experience in senior leadership roles including President of two different companies  and proven “servant leadership” style  gave him the vision to start a business advisory group with the mission of helping small and mid-size businesses find solutions to the issues and challenges they face every day. 

What Can We Help You Accomplish?

  • We know from experience that every business has at least 3 issues and challenges that need to be solved. These are issues you have tried to work on for a long time but due to either a lack of time or the need for additional experience these issues still need attention.
  • We take your knowledge of the business along with our experience and we work together to solve those issues.
  • We bring the time to focus on the issues, develop the action plans and help you implement what needs to get done.  We don’t just write down ideas, hand it to you and then leave with our check. We really do help you solve your issues and take advantage of the opportunities you have as a business to grow and improve your results.

Ask Yourself The Following: 

  • What are the greatest challenges and issues your business is facing?
  • What is the cost to the business if these issues and challenges aren’t solved in the next 12 months?
  • If someone could help you solve those issues, how much would your business improve and how much less stress would your business have to deal with?  What would it mean to your personally?

One last thought, NEEDING HELP is not about failure because all businesses at some point in their history realize they could be doing things better or differently to help produce better results. Change, recent economic events and issues arise creating challenges that may be outside your companies or peoples core competencies. We believe our knowledgeable business advisors have the experience, skills and knowledge to help you tackle your toughest short and long term business issues.

I invite you to call us today at 574-596-2384 or e-mail us at for a “FREE CONSULTATION” to discuss your challenges in a confidential setting.  We can help your business no matter your size, product or service.  We can also work within your budget and timeline.  Call us today.  Let’s work together to close the gap on your current results and what you need both as a business and personally.