Family Business Traits Assessment

In sports we know that the teams that usually win do not always have the best collection of players, but are the ones that learned to play together as a team.

The Family Business Traits Assessment helps family members working in a family business learn how to perform well as a team.  As children we learned how to play together in the sandbox, share toys and share chores around the home.

Now that sandbox is the family business.  We never learned how to play with Mom and Dad; they didn’t get in the sandbox or want our toys.  And Mom and Dad, you never learned how to play either.  You just laid down the rules and the kids listed – or else.

The first thing to learn in a family business is that Dad is not always right and the youngest is not always wrong.  It is hard to put aside the traditional family hierarchy and treat one another as equals, but it must be done for the business to reach its goals.

The second thing is to understand you.  To look at your style, you’re unique strengths and your shortcomings which we all have.  Next understand the others in the family.  Start first with those that tend to challenge your patience.  See them as individuals and respect their traits.

Finally put the pieces together and learn how to work together as individuals and live together as a family.

How the process works

  • Each family member takes their assessment on-line by themselves
  • When the results come back, we sit down with each member ALONE to go over their individual results.  Usually takes about 1 hour to 90 minutes per person.
  • We discuss your personal profile which includes your Family Traits and Business Traits.  The Family Traits illustrate the blend of traits and behaviors that are the most natural for you.  The Business Traits illustrate your personality profile in a business setting which can change depending on your job function and what is going on in your life.  It’s important to understand how your individual traits impact your response to different situations, the contributions they help you make to the family business, what motivates you, what discourages you, your favorite conditions, what you try and avoid, and possible perceptions of others and how to be better understood by others.
  • We then meet with the family members as a group to go over the results and work through several group activities to help everyone understand each other better.  Usually takes 2 or 3, 2-hour sessions to work through as a group.
  • This isn’t about who is right or wrong.  It’s about understanding that each of us is unique and gaining a better understanding of each person’s unique traits.  It is ok to be you!  You bring value by being who you are.  Each person is different and that’s what brings exceptional value to the business.  By understanding the two roles each member plays within the business, it will better equip you to deal with conflict and understand the others point of view. 
  • To help a family business determine if this is right for them, we offer one free test per Family Business.  This will allow you to understand how the process works and discuss how it can help your business while improving the relationships within the family.  Call us today at 888-395-9054 or e-mail us at