Leadership and Employee Development

In today’s business world no one accomplishes success by themselves.  Business success is always about having the right people with the right skills in the right jobs working together as a team all pulling in the same direction.  But, in many businesses that isn’t the case.  The people are talented but are struggling with getting along as a team due to poor communication, conflicts not being resolved and people working their own agenda.  Successful companies have learned that communication is the glue that holds them together and that they must embrace conflict in order to find a solution and move forward. 

Companies also have individuals who are extremely talented but need additional coaching and mentoring to learn the necessary leadership skills to go to the next level.  They need coaching from experienced business leaders from outside the organization who come with no agenda and remain unbiased. 

At Flint Strategic Partners we help you really put teeth to the slogan “People are our most important asset”.  We develop training and solutions based on your needs and our time tested abilities developed through years of hands on experience leading and managing companies.  Our services include:

  • Strategic Thinking, Planning and Tactics facilitation, training, seminars, workshops, boot camps and retreats
  • Leadership Training and Development.  Groups and one-on-one
  • Alignment of Your Vision and Strategy with Your People Strategies and Needs
  • Team Building Workshops and Training
  • Conflict Resolutions Training
  • Communication Improvement Programs
  • Employee Surveys
  • Succession Planning Development
  • Training in Time Management and Project Management
  • Production Team Training for Productivity and Efficiency Improvements
  • Floor Supervision Training
  • Morale Improvement Programs
  • Leadership Assessments for Personality Styles, Motivators, Key Skills and Abilities
  • Analysis for building teamwork and stronger teams or evaluation as part of the screening process for new employees