Sales Improvement Strategy

Revenue growth just doesn’t happen because you have a good product or service and some good sales people and literature.  Sustainable revenue growth comes from having a disciplined sales process that:

  • Aligns with your company’s vision, values, goals, objectives and needs
  • Keeps you focused on a continuous improvement process for your sales and marketing strategy
  • Is based on the needs of your customers, the marketplace and competitive actions.
  • Clearly defines expectations, goals, objectives and action plans.
  • Drives accountability for the results.
  • Improves teamwork and group dynamics
  • Increases your sales and market share
  • Measures your results thru the use of metrics and benchmarks.

Sales and Marketing Strategy Management

  • Revenue growth strategy development
  • Develop growth plan by product or service, territory, sales channel, customer, prospects and markets
  • Development of customer profiles
  • Develop customer and market needs analysis
  • Pricing and margin analysis and strategy development
  • Sales channel analysis and development
  • Opportunity identification and analysis
  • Company positioning and branding strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Develop customer service improvement and performance measurements
  • Key account management and goal setting
  • Customer communication and contact strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Develop a “Criteria of Business” to guide prospecting
  • Improvement plan for sales planning, forecasting and budgeting
  • Implement weekly and monthly reviews to compare results vs. goals
  • Sales organization design and Improvement

Sales Force Activity and Productivity Improvement Process

  • Evaluate and map current sales process and results
  • Analyze sales channels as to effectiveness and identify areas for improvement
  • Establish sales activity tracking and benchmarking
  • Analyze and develop improvement strategies for prospecting, cold calling, customer visit activity and contact, delivering presentations and closing new business
  • Analyze current sales expenses and budgets and review areas for improvement
  • Sales compensation and incentive analysis.  Is it bringing the results that are needed.
  • Evaluate Selling and negotiation skills and develop training as needed for the group or one-on- one improvement
  • Time management improvement
  • Develop recruitment and retention strategies for sales and marketing group
  • In-field coaching and customer visits with sales team
  • Training for sales planning and objective setting for territories and sales people