The seminars, training and speech offerings listed below are a sample of the topics our President/CEO Bill Flint has developed and presented throughout his successful career.  Whether you need a half-hour, 1-hour or 2-hour presentation(s); or a half-day or full-day session(s), Bill Flint can tailor them to the specific needs of your organization or event.  These would be great add-ons for retreats, sales meetings, conventions, annual planning sessions or training sessions for your managers and employees. Contact us today for more information.

Sales and Marketing

  1. The Sales And Marketing Cycle – A Continuous Improvement Process For Building Profitable And Consistent Sales Growth™
  2. Sales Survival Guide
    • Why Sales People Fail
    • Keys For Sales Success In Today’s Tough Economic Environment
    • Developing Your Themes For Driving Sales Growth
    • Four Fallacies About Growth
  3. Hope Is Not A Sales Strategy – Develop A Plan
  4. Selling By Accident – Doesn’t Work Long Term
  5. Developing Your “Lunchbox” Of Offerings As A Business
  6. Making Marketing Work On A Budget
  7. Keys To Solution Selling
  8. What Is Value – And How Do You Create It
  9. Customer Service Excellence
  10. Understanding The Current Realities Of Your Markets

Leadership and General Business

  1. The Eleven Building Blocks For Developing A Successful Business
  2. Principle Centered Leadership – For A Crazy World
  3. Where Are You Today – What Will You Do About Tomorrow
  4. The Christian Leaders Struggles – Faith Vs. Fear
  5. Balancing Family And Business – It’s About Priorities
  6. How To Become The Leader People Want To Follow
  7. The Roadblocks To Building An Effective Strategy
  8. Change Always Comes Bringing Gifts – Are You Ready?
  9. Communication Is The Glue – How To Make It Stick
  10. Conflict In Business Is Necessary
  11. Creating Strategic Supremacy