Team Building Assessments

Assessments are tools developed for businesses no matter their size to help them improve their results.  The assessments we are offer are:

Personality Styles Assessment: 

Identifies the behavior preferences of individuals in specific situations or environments, or why they might be struggling with a particular job.  Companies can assess entire teams within the organization to help enhance their productivity by understanding and utilizing everyone’s individual strengths.  By having a better understanding of each other, teams can learn how to work through conflict more effectively.

This assessment is also a valuable tool in screening potential job candidates to predict if they are right for a position.

Motivators Assessment: 

Behind all or most of our actions, there are a few key reasons we do what we do.  This assessment helps us determine our primary Motivators and De-Motivators.  Motivators are windows into our world.  Once you and the team understand your key motivators you will start to understand why your thoughts, actions, and core beliefs are different from others.  Helps the team to understand why people react differently.

Key Skills and Abilities Assessment: 

Helps identify people’s natural skills, qualities, traits and characteristics.  Tells how you relate to yourself and to the others.

Benefits to the Business

  • Manage change within the organization
  • Team and Individual development
  • More effective hiring
  • Understand what motivates and drives your leadership team
  • Career Development
  • Helps team understand team dynamics and improve their ability to work tougher
  • Helps management to evaluate key candidate’s for key management positions.

How the Process Works

We offer free testing to one company official, typically President or HR Directors.  The assessment is completed entirely on-line which allows us to generate the results quickly.  After we’ve had a chance to review and analyze the results, we will walk you through and explain what it all means and how it impacts both the business and you personally.

If you feel the test is something that would be of benefit to your organization, we will develop a customized plan that is tailored to your specific needs.  For example, if you wanted your leadership team to take the tests, we would start by having each individual complete the assessment.  We would then meet individually with each person to ensure they have a good understanding of the results.  After the individual consultations, it’s important to then meet as a team to go over everyone’s results.  This helps each person to better understand their fellow team members and why they react to cetin events and situations differently.  By completing these assessments, it will help to improve team dynamics and ultimately the results of the business.

There are many other uses for our tests that will be explained in our meeting with you once we understand your needs and requirements.

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