Turnaround Management

This program was developed for those times when a business is in trouble and needs to see results quickly.  We help the client to identify, prioritize high impact performance improvements and ideas that can be implemented quickly.  The intent of this program is to improve your cash flow, profitability and get your business under control.

  • We start by analyzing your inventory turns, receivables and payables as actions to improve cash flow quickly.
  • We will talk with your suppliers to work out better terms, inventory consignment programs or take back overstocked inventory.
  • Review the key material purchases and investigate new potential suppliers.  We will also negotiate with your current supply base for immediate cost reductions.
  • Discuss with customers who are not paying within your terms their need to pay in a timely manner. This is done very diplomatically.
  • We work with your sales team to find ways to speed up the sale cycle on prospects in the pipeline and identify new sales prospects to increase revenue.
  • Review the margins of your current customers and identify customers with unacceptable margins for possible price increases.
  • We will also recommend and help you implement actions to reduce your variable, SG&A, and manufacturing costs.
  • We will review your production process to analyze scrap, process inefficiencies, utility usage, maintenance and repairs and overtime.
  • Developments of internal communication so that associates understand the mission and the importance of their support for the cost reduction programs.
  • Work with you to develop and present recovery plans to your bankers or financial backers to show you have implemented an action plan to move the business forward.
  • Develop an exit strategy that could include either locating a buyer or additional investors.
  • We will help accomplish this plan while minimizing organizational disruption.